Any issues related to this webstore will be handled discreetly and
confidentially and your details will be kept confidential at all times.
Your information will not be shared, passed on or sold to anyone
outside of our business. Your information will be treated confidentially
at all times.

Discreet Delivery

All orders sent out by Tease2Please will be in courier bags or
packages and do not include our business name or any relation
to the product or products we sell. If a delivery does not reach
it's destination, they will be returned to the compagnies address.
We respect your privacy.

We do collect anonymous data about how people use our site to
help us improve the site. When we collect personal information
(through email or forms) it is stored securely and only used for the
purpose it was collected for. Any data collected is used only by
approved staff. We will never sell your information. If you have any
questions about our privacy policy, contact us.

If you have any questions or concerns about your privacy or our
privacy policy, please contact us.

Registration and Promotions

We use registration forms. Registration forms require users to
provide us with contact information such as names and email
addresses. The users contact information is used to facilitate
order processing for purchases in the future, as well as to contact
users about new ranges, specials and other promotions we may
have. Individual user information is never disclosed to third parties.

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