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  • Bon Chastity Case

    This silicone chastity device comes with a cage and 3 different silicone back rings. The silicone cage has a natural penis shaped look Enjoy the erotic thrill of power and control by locking up your partner in this high quality chastity device, or submit to your partner by turning over the keys and allowing them complete dominance over your manhood...

    $ 43.43
  • Relieving Nature Chastity Belt

    Material: Artificial Leather or Genuine Leather Colour: black Strap 'em in and lock 'em down! This locking chastity belt is made for your male slave. A leather pouch and strap covers the genital and anal areas, with sets of leather straps encircling the waist. Each strap is fully adjustable and lockable with a metal padlock at the buckle. One size...

    $ 39.96
  • Locking Penis Prison

    Material: Artificial Leather or Genuine Leather So, you're reading your recipe for sexual sorcery and it calls for a cock and a pair of balls, tightly encased and confined in black rubber. Who do you call? This is a male chastity device consisting of a black rubber pouch, held in place by a shiny, buckling latex cock strap. The buckle is lockable, so...

    $ 28.65
  • Gates of Hell Chastity

    Material: Artificial Leather or Genuine Leather They say prevention is better than cure and with this robust and restrictive Strict Leather Gates of Hell Chastity cock cage, you'll be coming nowhere. The gates of hell chastity cage goes over the penis. Then a locking strap secures around the cock and another around the ball sack.

    $ 22.57
  • Classic Chastity Device

    Keep his cock under lock and key with the classic Chastity Device! A classic model offering the best of comfort and security with a high quality feel and practical usability The model is made of durable and lightweight polycarbonate and the cage has vented slots for quick drying. The bottom opening allows ease of use at the urinals Black, Pink, Purple,...

    $ 42.17
  • Chastity Belt with handcuffs

    Material: Artificial Leather or Genuine Leather Colour: Black or Red Female Chastity Device completed with handcuffs Can be worn with or without the handcuffs Fully adjustable Comes with locks

    $ 30.00
  • Stallion Guard

    Material: Artificial Leather or Genuine Leather This Stallion guard cage will tend to limit erections, and prevent orgasms.. The item secures over the testicles with the strap and can then be locked with the padlock The 2 Ring Stallion Guard has a leather cock strap with three size adjustments.

    $ 19.57
  • Steel Male Chastity Device

    Being able to keep your male partner from obtaining a full complete erection can be a source of sexual enjoyment for both partners. There are three interlocking pieces that fit together to form one chastity device. Redesign of the cage allows for a more comfortable fit for long-term use. The bottom opening for easy use of urinals

    $ 36.96
  • Deluxe Combi Chastity Cage

    Take your chastity to a whole new level with this combo device. The Deluxe Chastity Cage combines the power of chastity with the stimulation of a ball restraint, anal plug. The sensation of being teased but unable to become fully erect in and of itself can be exciting for both partners. The Deluxe Chastity Cage creates a new level of cock and ball play.

    $ 49.13
  • Strip cockring

    Place your cock through the Nitrile ring and place the leather ring behind the balls. What you end up with is a stylish cock ring piece that will help you maintain a longer-lasting erection. The piece has snaps for an adjustable and comfortable fit. Size: 1.5inch And not to worry, they're compatible with silicone & water-based lubes!

    $ 21.30
  • Kali's Teeth Ball Cuff

    A true innovation in the area of cock & ball bondage! The oval form of this ball stretcher ensures an indescribably awesome feeling. In contrast to normal, round ball stretchers, this product intensifies the feeling of having your testicles pulled down! A masterpiece with the highest quality workmanship, made of the best stainless steel, with a matte...

    $ 76.48
  • The 7 Gates of Hell

    This device, named in keeping with long standing tradition, is used for male constraint and adornment. It consists of a series of nickel-plated steel rings connected by a leather strap. The first, largest ring goes over the cock and balls, and the cock alone goes into the other rings, which get progressively smaller, confining the penis. This strap...

    $ 23.91
  • Closed Male Chastity Device

    This T Device comes with a removable cap for ultimate control and prevents any touching or solo play at all Made from a Chrome plated steel that is easy to clean and very hygienic. Designed in such a way that it can be used discreetly all day or equally for when the mood arises

    $ 40.83
  • The Curve Chastitity Device

    The curve stainless steel Chastity Device is made for the serious chastity players. This Chastity Device is made of stainless steel and polished to a shiny finish. The curve chastity Device is a slightly longer Chastity Device so it leaves some room to tease and torment your slave/pet for countless hours of fun

    $ 37.35
  • Locking Cat Male Chastity Device

    The power of a chastity device lies in its ability to keep your male partner from achieving a complete erection. This chastity cage is designed to make sure that no matter how aroused he gets, he won't be able to obtain that full hard-on that he craves. Place your semi-flaccid manhood into the chastity device and then bring the chastity and the ring...

    $ 34.74
  • Total Lock Down Chastity Cage

    This Chastity Cage, in colour black, allows you to totally lock up everything on your slave or pet. This Chastity Device has great air flow and allows easy cleaning of your cock and balls...Handy when you are going to be locked up in this for a few days or longer

    $ 33.87
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