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  • Locked and Dreaming Hood

    Colour: Black Material: Artificial Leather or Genuine Leather Three Adjustable Buckles on each side of the mask and one on the Forehead for Total Lockdown - Corset Style Lace up rear - Removable Eye Mask - Removable Nose cover - Hood can be Worn Open with Face Covers Removed

    $ 42.17
  • Claw Mittens

    Material: Artificial Leather or Genuine Leather These all-leather hand restraints have multiple uses. The wrist straps lock them on the hand and the end straps secure the hands to the thighs, the upper arms, and the neck - yours or someone elses, your imagination is your only limit. A simple but very effective way of tying the hands to various parts of...

    $ 39.96
  • Neoprene Neck-to-Wrist Restraints

    A sturdy neck-to-wrist restraint with the clever addition of several differently spaced D-rings for easy adjusting and bondage fun! And, you can use this restraint at the front or back! The collar and cuffs are fully adjustable and made of faux fur with Velcro straps. Perfect for those starting out in the erotic world of bondage! Length: 50cm Colour: Black

    $ 30.87
  • Ankle Cuffs

    Enjoy the look of these cuffs shining at their ankles while they are performing submissive duties. It is much more convenient to chain them wherever You want, with the fixed O- ring. A hex key is included for securing or removing the cuffs

    $ 47.39
  • Breast Bondage

    Material: Artificial Leather or Genuine Leather Colour: Black Beginner breast bondage for women Secure your lover's Arms to Breast Adjustable in size (Breast Harness is adjustable to 85cm (33inch) maximum)

    $ 21.70
  • Wand Massager Belt

    No hands needed. No control.. just let it happen Put this belt around your waist and leave the wand massager in the front belt. Turn the massager on and you can't control it anymore as of you go. Material: Artificial Leather Only available in small size Waist adjustable from 68 to 94cm max.

    $ 33.48
  • Premium Nylon Rope

    Length: 10 meter Diameter: 7 mm. Colour: Black, Red or Yellow Bind your lover in any way you can think of with 10 meters of soft, luxurious special Nylon Rope. it's perfect for couples starting out in bondage, but is also long and durable enough to make it ideal for the more experienced BDSM lover. To create complicated and beautiful restraints and body...

    $ 16.09
  • Japanese Silk Rope

    SM Special Silk Ropes Length: 10 meters Diameter: 7 mm. Colour: Black, Pink, Purple and Red Bind your lover in any way you can think of with 10 meters of soft, luxurious Japanese Silk Rope. it's perfect for couples starting out in bondage, but is also long and durable enough to make it ideal for creating elaborate restraints and body harnesses, too

    $ 11.26
  • Fluffy Bondage set

    Fluffy Bondage set Artificial Leather Available Colour: Black, Pink, Purple and Red As all items are very fluffy it is easy to handle for long periods of time. Add a little mystery and erotic excitement to your love making with this Bondage Kit. A perfect kit for lovers starting to explore the wonderful pleasures of bondage.

    $ 29.52
  • Bon Chastity Case

    This silicone chastity device comes with a cage and 3 different silicone back rings. The silicone cage has a natural penis shaped look Enjoy the erotic thrill of power and control by locking up your partner in this high quality chastity device, or submit to your partner by turning over the keys and allowing them complete dominance over your manhood...

    $ 43.43
  • Double Anal Intruder Cockring

    A new twist on an old favorite. The Double Ball Cock Lock Intruder is two times the pleasure and two times the fun Double down and feel twice the pleasure with this exciting cock and ball ring, topped with not one, but two metal balls. This Double Anal Intruder is available in 3 sizes: * Small, Ring size: 1.5 inch * Medium, Ring size: 1.75 inch * Large,...

    $ 37.83
  • Soft Under the Bed Restraints

    The Under the Bed Restraint System turns your bed into a bondage playground. It will fit any bed size and is portable This set is very comfortable with soft padding on the inside of the cuffs! - Easy to carry, easy to hide. Especially for travel. - You don't have to waste any time. No need for locks. - Safe and comfortable Colour: Black, Pink or Red

    $ 30.00
  • Spiked Collar

    Keep your submissive in-line and in your control with this Thick Iron Locking collar spiked. The durable and heavy steel will remain firmly around your submissives neck, keeping them in place. The collar has a O-ring. Means you can securely lock your sub to the toys of your choice. You can even attach a leash to the collar and lead your sub around and...

    $ 115.61
  • See and Speak no evil Ball Gag

    Material: Artificial Leather or Genuine Leather The Ball Gag and Blindfold Harness is a black leather, buckling head harness with a blindfold and an adjustable red rubber ball gag. Your plaything will see no evil and speak no evil when strapped into this ball gag and blindfold head harness

    $ 23.04
  • Red Under the Bed Restraints

    Now you can turn any bed into the ultimate restraint! With this bed bondage restraint kit, that's quick, simple and easy to use! No need for railings and bedposts with these restraints. When you set your partner free is up to you! - Easy to carry, easy to hide. Especially for travel. - You don't have to waste any time. No need for locks. - Safe and...

    $ 27.39
  • Rivets Adornment Hood

    Material: Artificial Leather or Genuine Leather A black lacquer mask with rivets adornment The hood has openings for the eyes and mouth. At the back, the hood can be laced up and can thus be adapted to the head size.

    $ 32.61
  • Dog / Pig Hood

    Material: Artificial Leather or Genuine Leather We know your inner beast is always trying to get out. Finally, you can show everyone just what a little doggy/piggy you are with this new Leather Beast Mask. The beautifully crafted snout and ears make you look so much like the real thing that you might just forget who you are. Sit, Stay, Bark, Oink and...

    $ 45.17
  • Unisex Novice Mask

    Material: Artificial Leather or Genuine Leather Great uni-sex leather mask with detachable eye covers. If it is getting too scary for your submissive, just detach the eye covers and he/she can see..the exact moment you decide to click them back on and it is dark again!

    $ 24.78
  • Heavy Duty Hood

    Material: Artificial Leather or Genuine Leather This Heavy Duty Leather Hood is great for sensory deprivation This hood features padding on either side of the face over the eyes, ears and mouth region for some sound deprivation and cushion against impact. There is a D-ring at the front of the collar strap and at the crown of the head for safe...

    $ 60.83
  • Stretch Ball Gag

    Command silence in a satisfying instant. Crafted from squishy silicone and durable faux leather, it comfortably fills your partner's mouth to silence their moans during erotic play. Just lock it, so it cant be taken off without your approval. Colour Ball: Black or Purple Features: 4cm ball stretches and fills sub's mouth for full restraint Stretchy...

    $ 13.48
  • Open mouth Lips

    Unable to speak, she is adorable and helpless, can only express all the feelings of her heart with her eyes, but more to stimulate your desire to conquer! It can also be used with mask or hood. No talking with these lips. Colour: Black or Red

    $ 9.52
  • Ball Gag Harness

    Material: Artificial Leather or Genuine Leather You can call it a beginners ball gag, as the ball has some easily breathable holes. On the other hand, you can fully tighten the gag for hours of fun. The Genuine leather ball gag allows for a partner to remain silent during the course of the scene or activity

    $ 18.22
  • Cocoon Stocking

    Trap your lover in this unique and confining bodystocking, designed to slip over their body and keep them at your feet! This nylon tube stocking stretches to fit most as your bondage-enthusiast slips into it and is immediately restrained. Tie a knot and watch them squirm! Material: Nylon-Polyamide and Spandex Colour: Black or Nude

    $ 22.17
  • Wrist & Thumb Restraint

    Material: Artificial Leather or Genuine Leather This is an essential piece of dungeon bondage, ensuring your subs hands are kept just where you want them! With fully adjustable straps it allows you to bind the wrists and thumbs together, restricting movement and degrading your willing submissive!

    $ 22.17
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