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  • Firewalkers Dreamer

    Title: Firewalkers Dreamer - Ellora's Cave Presents Alone and lonely, she dreams of a man who is more than human, a lover who is able to bond with her heart and soul. When her dreaming pulls her fantasy lover from his world to hers. Jax is a powerful, beautiful specimen of male perfection vampire. But her dreams become her nightmares

    $ 10.00
  • Women on Top - Nancy Friday

    This is a compilation of the many letters sent to the author by women sharing their most intimate sexual fantasies about topics such as masturbation, oral sex, sex with more than one man, lesbian sex and anal sex. She concludes that despite everything the fantasies of the women of the 1990s are more liberated, more experimental and more outrageous than...

    $ 12.61
  • Bared to You

    Bared to You Writer: Sylvia Day He was beautiful and brilliant and white-hot. I was drawn to him as I'd never been to anyone in my life. I craved his touch like a drug, even knowing it would weaken me. I was flawed and damaged, and he opened those cracks in me so easily Gideon knew. He had demons of his own. We would become the mirrors that reflected...

    $ 12.13
  • Fifty Shades Darker

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    $ 4.30
  • Destined to Feel

    Books,Novels,Destined to Feel

    $ 6.52
  • God's Callgirl

    At the age of 18, Carla van Raay entered a convent to devote her life to God. By 35 she was earning her living as a prostitute.Carla hoped to find love and understanding within the convent walls. Instead she became enmeshed in a complex system of regulations that drove her to the brink of madness. Finally released from her vows, she escaped. God's...

    $ 11.26
  • In fidelity

    Title: In fidelity Writer: M.J. Rose Publisher: Piatkus SoftCover Still suffering from the pain of her husband's infidelity, Jordan Sloan is also haunted by the murder of her father. When she learns that his killer has been paroled she fears his revenge. Everyone thinks she is being paranoid, but Jordan knows better. Excellent Condition

    $ 13.48
  • Justine

    Title: Justine Writer: De Sade Publisher: Lancer books SoftCover One of the most famous, and infamous, novels ever written. Famous for the excellence of its literary quality and infamous for its content, Justine reflects a significant and, at times, dominant aspect of the psychological and erotic life of Western civilization.

    $ 7.78
  • Bedside Grant

    Title:  The Bedside Grant Writer:  A.K. Grant Publisher:  Allen & Unwin SoftCover A.K. Grant’s Satirical columns are favourites in the New Zealand Listener – witty, topical, lively and occasionally solemn. He covers all kind of subjects. This collection includes sixty of his best pieces. As New Condition!

    $ 13.87
  • Joy of No Sex

    38 - year - old Robert Bennett has recently undergone a revelation: he doesn't actually like sex. He has never derived great pleasure from it, and nor has any woman he's slept with. He still has a sex drive, mind, and he is still attracted to his wife, but he believes that the things we get from sex can be got from other activities that are more...

    $ 10.00
  • Short Rides - Wendy Borgstrom

    Title:  Short Rides Writer:  Wendy Borgstrom Publisher:  Boston Lace Publications SoftCover Tales of lesbian lust and love Excellent condition

    $ 17.35
  • Edge of Passion - Shelley Smith

    Title:  Edge of Passion Writer:  Shelley Smith Publisher:  Rising Tide Press SoftCover An absorbing and erotic novel that explores the chemistry of love and of loving too much, from the author of Horizon of the Heart. Excellent condition (name on first page)

    $ 14.35
  • Even Greater Sexual Disasters - Gyles Brandreth

    Cartoons: Ed McLachlan Now that safe sex is all the rage, what greater bliss than to enjoy the risk-free fun between the sheets of this book! For, as the wag said, “a little coitus/never hoitus”; and as one erotic catastrophe follows another, how delightful once more to lie back. This offers yet more connubial calamities and indecent exposures culled...

    $ 11.74
  • 141 Terrace Drive - Clayton Moore

    Title:  141 Terrace Drive Writer:  Clayton Moore Publisher:  A Star Book SoftCover A town where beneath the respectability lay guilty secrets and disturbing fears. With money to spend, and too much time on hands, Nedra Munro became interested in other people’s lives. It started with innocent intentions, but would bring cataclysmic upheaval in the whole...

    $ 5.17
  • But not for Long - Unity Hall

    Title:  But not for Long Writer:  Unity Hall Publisher:  Pan Books SoftCover In the movie world of dollars and deals, she is even more saleable than a superstar. She is a superstar with a past Ingrid Pallia’s life is a whirl of cars and coke and kicks…like bedroom tangles with the voluptuous Monique and two pretty boys from the bars Her next scandal will...

    $ 4.30
  • Power Play - Penny Jordan

    Title:  Power Play Writer:  Penny Jordan Publisher:  Harlequin Books SoftCover Pepper exuded sexuality and power. She presented a challenge men wished they could master. But pepper had paid dearly for her success. Very Good condition

    $ 8.26
  • All The Girls - Martin O'Brien

    Title:  All the Girls In Buenos Aires, for his extra pleasure, she had a closed circuit TV covering the bed. In Paris she trussed him, blindfolded and lashed him. In Caracas she turned out to be a man In Budapest she cost  forints. In Munich she stole while he was asleep A journey into danger and delight One man’s odyssey across 16 countries, to seek and...

    $ 11.74
  • Basic Instinct

    Title: Basic Instinct Writer: Richard Osborne Publisher: BCA HardCover A detective, a female crime writer accused of murder and a woman police psychiatrist, the ex-lover of the detective, all feature in this highly-charged sexual psychothriller. The male detective is caught between the two women who have a strange, uncanny connection.

    $ 7.39
  • Mysteria Nights

    Eight stories of supernatural romance. One supernaturally seductive town where "Desperate Housewives meets Charmed". Welcome to Mysteria, home to a vegan vampire, a neighborly werewolf, a pair of sisterly witches, a demon nanny, and many more creatures that go bump in the night. Passions run high in this hot two-in-one omnibus edition of Mysteria and...

    $ 14.35
  • Naughty Stories form A to Z - Volume 4

    A Collection of extremely dirty tales. It is indeed naughty and a pleasure, in every sense of the word, to read. This book takes us one step further into the world of naughty. In de following stories, men and women give over to their dirtiest desires, joining up in menages, dabbling in S&M, venturing into voyeurism and exhibitionism. As New Condition

    $ 13.87
  • Erotic Enterprises Inc.

    Title: Erotic Enterpises Inc. Writer: Xaviera Hollander Publisher: Guild Publishing HardCover Now, we find Lucinda and her friends, sailing back from Xanthos. Can they resist the lure of yet another series of amorous adventures? Can a cat keep its nose out of a bowl of cream? Very Good Condition

    $ 7.39
  • My Big fast Supernatural Honeymoon

    What newly married couple doesn't dream of a romantic retreat where they can escape the world for a while--but what happens when supernatural forces intrude on their wedded bliss? Nine of today's hottest paranormal authors answer that question in this all-star collection of supernatural stories. Find out in..."My Big Fat Supernatural Honeymoon NEW

    $ 13.48
  • Lucinda - Hot Nights on Xanthos

    Title: Lucinda Hot nights on Xanthos Writer: Xaviera Hollander Publisher: Book Club Associates HardCover How does Lucinda, daughter of a Viscount and a millionaire, come to be running a call girl agency in Paris? Would her daddy approve of her living with her partner and former school friend and being her lover? Very Good Condition

    $ 7.39
  • Twilight - Charmed Wishes

    Title: Twilight Charmed Wishes Writer: Myra Nour & Anya Bast Publisher: Elloras Cave SoftCover As You Wish By Myra Nour Nick's life was perfect. He was a successful businessman-and just as successful with the ladies. He had everything he wished, or so he thought. Then a lovely magical creature shook up his world and made him rethink what he valued NEW

    $ 10.00

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