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  • Two-sided Spiked Riding Crop

    The Studded Crop is a fun crop that features a studded 'X' on one side and a studded 'O' on the other or the studded 'M' on one side and a blank on the other. Use the crop to smooth over your lover's skin or give a whack and leave your mark! Try freezing it and create a whole new experience! The crop measures approx. 55cm long. Colour: Black Available...

    $ 17.35
  • Bullwhip

    This Bullwhip will make a difference Take aim and give your partner the punishment they've been waiting for. The 4 falls at the end of this whip will lash against them with the amount of strength you put behind it, whether it's a playful swish or a forceful snap. This is an excellent whip for new-comers to impact play. Length: 1.9 mtr colours: Black,...

    $ 25.65
  • Ratan Cane Flogger

    Want a lot of Bang for your flogging Bite? This rattan flogger is half-cane, half-flogger, all fun! This Rattan Flogger is designed to serve up punishment with a huge dose of satisfying noise. This Rattan Flogger creates intense, sharp stinging sensations, and is even suitable for light play. It makes a lot of noise for the impact generated.

    $ 18.22

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