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  • Claw Mittens

    Material: Artificial Leather or Genuine Leather These all-leather hand restraints have multiple uses. The wrist straps lock them on the hand and the end straps secure the hands to the thighs, the upper arms, and the neck - yours or someone elses, your imagination is your only limit. A simple but very effective way of tying the hands to various parts of...

    $ 39.96
  • Neoprene Neck-to-Wrist Restraints

    A sturdy neck-to-wrist restraint with the clever addition of several differently spaced D-rings for easy adjusting and bondage fun! And, you can use this restraint at the front or back! The collar and cuffs are fully adjustable and made of faux fur with Velcro straps. Perfect for those starting out in the erotic world of bondage! Length: 50cm Colour: Black

    $ 30.87
  • Ankle Cuffs

    Enjoy the look of these cuffs shining at their ankles while they are performing submissive duties. It is much more convenient to chain them wherever You want, with the fixed O- ring. A hex key is included for securing or removing the cuffs

    $ 47.39
  • Soft Under the Bed Restraints

    The Under the Bed Restraint System turns your bed into a bondage playground. It will fit any bed size and is portable This set is very comfortable with soft padding on the inside of the cuffs! - Easy to carry, easy to hide. Especially for travel. - You don't have to waste any time. No need for locks. - Safe and comfortable Colour: Black, Pink or Red

    $ 30.00
  • Spiked Collar

    Keep your submissive in-line and in your control with this Thick Iron Locking collar spiked. The durable and heavy steel will remain firmly around your submissives neck, keeping them in place. The collar has a O-ring. Means you can securely lock your sub to the toys of your choice. You can even attach a leash to the collar and lead your sub around and...

    $ 115.61
  • Wrist & Thumb Restraint

    Material: Artificial Leather or Genuine Leather This is an essential piece of dungeon bondage, ensuring your subs hands are kept just where you want them! With fully adjustable straps it allows you to bind the wrists and thumbs together, restricting movement and degrading your willing submissive!

    $ 22.17
  • Back Forearm restraints

    Material: Artificial Leather or Genuine Leather Colour: black If your sub is a naughty boy/girl and his hands are in the way, just use this set and have your little revenge. Studded Leather bondage behind the back wrist & forearm cuffs. Adjustable straps

    $ 29.52
  • High Collar with gag

    Material: Artificial Leather or Genuine Leather Total length: 38cm (adjustable) Height: 10cm Diam. Ball: 45mm Colour : Black A beautiful high collar with a ball gag. Demand the passion of your sub. With the gag, you won't get any sound back. Available in: Artificial Leather - NZD 36.20 Genuine Leather - NZD 49.20

    $ 30.39
  • Soft Restraint Socks

    ' 'Material: Artificial Leather or Genuine Leather A pair of leather restraint boots perfect for Puppy / Baby play These boots are designed to rob the wearer of the use of their feet. These boots will make you curl your foot up. So your feet will become useless, the only way you will be able to move is by crawling. One size, with two straps to adjust...

    $ 41.70
  • Pony Hooves

    ''Material: Artificial Leather or Genuine Leather These hooves are perfect for pony play. Locking Pony Hooves that keep your feet in the position of a ponies hooves The length of the straps is approx. 41cm. Fully adjustable Including locks Make it complete with our special Pony bit Gag!

    $ 38.70
  • Five Rings Neck Collar

    ' Material: Artificial Leather or Genuine Leather Height: 40mm Colour : Black Easy and comfortable to wear, ideal way to explore BDSM with your partner Perfect for beginners and enthusiasts alike Can be adjusted with the buttons at the back Necksize: 38 - 43cm

    $ 16.96
  • Fur lined Bondage Slave Collar

    ''''Material: Artificial Leather or Genuine Leather These fur lined collars are the ultimate blend of comfort and durability. The 5.5cm wide strap is lined with a layer of an ultra soft fur, and a lockable buckle fastens the 2.5cm top strap These collars are designed to securely restrain the unruliest sub, in a secure and comfortable fashion.

    $ 23.04
  • Grip Cuffs

    Material: Artificial Leather or Genuine Leather This item provides a multi-sized wrist cuff and a padded grip, so the wearer is able to distribute weight stress off of the wrists. This arrangement can help avoid injury to delicate wrist anatomy. This set is useful when a person is kept with their hands above their head for extended periods of time, or...

    $ 41.70
  • Bondage Mittens

    Material: Artificial Leather or Genuine Leather Soft leather bondage mittens, or fist mit's, are comfortable for long-term wear because they won't affect the circulation The mittens can be fastened together or used separately, allowing for many bondage possibilities Simply secure the leather wrist straps with a clip or use a padlock for extra security

    $ 39.96
  • Neck-Wrist Restraint

    Material: Artificial Leather or Genuine Leather Colour: black This leather neck to wrist combo restraint is an affordable, effective bondage device. It forces the wearer into a more rigid position than traditional behind the back restraints. To top it off you can lock it!! Locks are included

    $ 48.65
  • Spiked Handcuffs

    Material: Artificial Leather or Genuine Leather Colour: black Adjustable cuffs with spikes How nice would these look on your submissive? Not only do they look great but they make it easy for you to keep him/her under control.

    $ 19.96
  • Wrist Restraints

    Material: Artificial Leather or Genuine Leather Colour: black A good set of bondage cuffs ensures that your partner is bound and under your control. They can squirm and wiggle around, but the durable, secure cuffs will make sure that they have nowhere to go. Many couples enjoy this type of sexual play, but there can be room to keep things fun and...

    $ 17.35
  • Neck Collar with Spikes

    Material: Artificial Leather or Genuine Leather For your secure bondage pleasure can be worn for a long time Supple leather collar with spikes and a D-ring at the front Easily lockable through the full chrome metal eyelets

    $ 25.65
  • Complete Hog Tie Set

    Material: Artificial Leather or Genuine Leather Create intricate and exciting bondage situations with these Hog Tie Restraints Hog Tie Kit - Hog Tie Clip with Fur Lined Locking Wrist Restraints & Ankle Restraints The Leather Hog Tie provides a quick and easy way to hog-tie your submissive. No complicated bondage involved The kit includes wrist and...

    $ 42.17
  • Ankle & Toe Restraint

    Perfect for creating a sexy submissive scenario, this high tension leather restraint secures to the calf by a buckle and then attaches to each big toe ensuring that your captive is held firmly in place! Crafted from soft, supple leather with well finished seams it won't rub or mark the skin. You will love it when you combine this ankle & toe...

    $ 23.91
  • White Wrist Cuffs

    Material: Artificial Leather or Genuine Leather These locking wrist cuffs in white are the newest addition to the classic all leather bondage restraints. One of the first things you will notice is how streamlined and unobtrusive they are. These exceptional cuffs make an excellent gift for your submissive. The color white itself is classically associated...

    $ 23.04
  • Spikes Collar

    Colour: Black Material: PVC or Leather Adjustable collar with spikes How nice would this look around your submissive. Not only does it look great but it makes it easy for you to put your submissive on a leash and keep them under control. Approx length: 47cm

    $ 17.83
  • Collar with Nose Hook

    Material: Artificial Leather or Genuine Leather This basic nose hook is one solid piece that rounds into two hooks made to be fastened on the other end of a strap, one hook for each nostril. This unique humiliation piece offers an ideal opportunity for control and restraint. Attached to a standard leather collar, It is designed to keep your sub standing...

    $ 19.09
  • Blue neck collar

    Colour: Aqua Total Length: 42cm Elegant Aqua Neck collar with O-ring. This one is not for the hardcore bondage, however you will steal the show in this beautiful aqua colour. Can easily adjusted. Material: Faux Leather

    $ 8.65

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