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  • Exquisite balls

    Exquisite Balls (6 colours) Material: 100% Silicone Measure: 95mm long and 37mm wide These exquisite balls are a sexy modern twist on the kegel balls. Still just as functional by promoting strengthened vaginal muscles and more intense orgasms, this updated style is designed for heightened stimulation

    $ 6.91
  • Geisha Balls

    Geisha Love Balls Colour: Green or Yellow Material: 100% Silicone Odorless Pure female pleasure! These balls are manufactured in the purest tradition of Geisha balls. They massage, stimulate and excite. Their soft or intense vibrations and their structured surfaces exert an intimate quality massage.

    $ 16.48
  • Cherry balls

    Intimate Kiss Fruit Colour: Green/Purple Material: 100% Silicone Measure: 95mm long and 37mm wide Beautiful Cherry design These balls will train your vaginal muscles and pelvic floor, and a stronger pelvic floor means a tighter vagina, better bladder control and improved sex for you and your partner. The balls strengthen your Kegel's muscles in two...

    $ 16.48

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