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  • Pleasure Wave Penis Plug

    The Pleasure Wave Penis Plug one of our most exciting yet. Made from stainless Steel and Hollow, allowing everything to flow right along 58mm overall length with about 50mm insertable length. It has a ball on the end that has a ring attached for easy removal

    $ 23.91
  • Hot Steel Urethral Sounding Tube

    The one is sure to bring excitement and pleasure. It has a hook that will wrap around your head to stimulate all those sensitive areas, and will also help secure it in place along with the help of the black silicon Ring This plug can be worn for extended periods of time but would have to be removed to urinate as it is not hollow Total length: 80mm...

    $ 30.00
  • Prince Albert's Wand

    This is the ultimate accessory for men with a Prince Albert piercing The wearer inserts the hollow tube into his urethra and keeps it in place by screwing the pin that is coming out of the side of the wand through his Prince Albert piercing opening. He can then choose to remove or insert the threaded tip into the head of the wand to control his ejaculate

    $ 29.13
  • Princess Wand

    The sister of the X2 Prince's wand Boasting an impressive 25 cm in size. It promises a complete loss of control. Its length makes it ideal for experienced users wanting a deep, extreme and intense penetration sensation. Material: Stainless steel, polished.

    $ 35.61
  • Agamemnon Penis Plug

    This plug is hollow & just long enough to reach the bladder opening, it's quite an interesting feeling when you push it that little bit further and out comes a gusher and you didn't even realise you had to go. Finding out all kinds of new things to do with these plugs and sounds. A whole new sexual avenue that you didn't know was there.

    $ 29.13
  • Albert Penis Plug

    This Penis Plug is perfect for cock stuffing Made of highly polished shiny, medical grade, stainless steel the handsome 18mm end ball gives the plug a gorgeous finish, similar to penis jewellery used for a Prince Albert piercing, and it ensures that this penis plug doesn't disappear in the penis The end ball adds a little weight perfect for those kegal...

    $ 28.65
  • Bubble tip Locking Prince Albert Wand

    Take urethral pleasures to the next level So how deep is your passion for urethral play? The Locking Prince Albert Wand puts you to the test with a long urethral insert and a locking mechanism so it can't be easily removed. The Wand is crafted from heavy-duty steel and includes a brass padlock and keys. Both the visual appeal and sensations will be...

    $ 34.35
  • Wind swept Penis Plug

    This piece is made from 316LVM Surgical Steel and is over 130mm long and 8mm in diameter at its largest part so it is an awesome starter penis plug or a play plug. It has humps (eggs) that will give you additional pleasure, so when you think you have reached your max then another speed hump comes along :-) This piece can be used by both genders.. It is...

    $ 23.04
  • One of a Kind Penis plug

    Get a one of a kind orgasm with the One of a Kind Penis Spine and Plug. This will be one wild ride with all the ball shapes and grooves that go from tip to the end of the head hook. This piece is 60mm long and the balls range from 5.5mm to 8mm. This plug is going to have you cumming so hard your spine will "straighten" too.

    $ 26.04
  • Asylum Chastity Brace

    Created specifically for extremely effective restriction play, the breathtakingly durable, completely tamper-proof Asylum Locking Chastity Brace is great looking, supremely well built, and exceedingly functional when it comes to exerting total control over your cock of choice. you'll first notice the sleek, firm, brace in a shiny chrome coated stainless...

    $ 48.65
  • Grooved Torpedo Urethral Plug

    Maximum Insertable Length: 90mm (3.54inch) Maximum Width : about 8 mm (0.31inch) A grooved stainless steel pin less Prince's Wand with smoothly tapered end. For those guys who like the idea of a Prince's Wand but don't have or don't want a piercing. This piece is great for both urethral stimulation, and for helping sustain yourself longer by controlling...

    $ 28.65
  • Raindrop Urethral Sounding Tube

    The one is sure to bring excitement and pleasure. It has a hook that will wrap around your head to stimulate all those sensitive areas, and will also help secure it in place along with the help of the black silicon Ring This plug can be worn for extended periods of time but would have to be removed to urinate as it is not hollow Total length: 75mm...

    $ 27.78
  • Duo Love and Hate Penis Plug

    The Duo Love & Hate Plug is so devilishly good you will want to be really bad. It is 113mm of polished surgical steel with a smooth contoured beginning of over 7.4 mm at the widest point and a couple of fabulous humps. This sleek silver plug will make you want to be a little devil over and over again. The question is are you going to have it all to...

    $ 29.52
  • Flexible Come thru Plug

    The Flexible Penis Plug is an awesome piece to wear for extended periods and extended pleasure since it flexes with your body. This piece is Now Available in either Solid or with a Through Hole for body fluids to flow through. With the surgical tubing in the centre, it will give you unmatched flexibility. The flexible Cum-Thru Inertia can be worn during...

    $ 22.57
  • Boa Constrictor Penis Plug

    Lube up and slip into the Boa Constrictor Penis Plug & G Ring for the ultimate "squeeze"! Made of surgical steel with a little over 25mm (1inches) insertable penis plug and 3 constricting rings that fit'snugly under the head of the penis to get you going and keep you cumming!

    $ 24.78
  • Silicone Cum-Thru Penis plug

    Enjoy the sensations of urethral play with the Silicone Deluxe Cum-Thru Penis Plug. This plug is a flexible and lightweight item that bends to fit comfortably in the urethra. It uses a D-ring for easy retrieval and has a thru-hole for ejaculation and urination. Colour: Black or Clear

    $ 14.74
  • Novice Penis plug

    The novice Penis plug is a great toy for beginners and more experienced users alike. It is just the right size for beginners. The plug is hollow so it allows the fluids to pass through. It means you can wear it for prolonged periods of time and you may also use it during sex. This toy is 63mm long and it offers 50mm of insertable length.

    $ 22.57
  • Smooth Hammer Penis Plug

    100% Solid Maximum Insertable Length: 80mm (3.15inch) Maximum Width : about 8mm (0.31inch) The Smooth Hammer Penis Plug is an amazing plug to start stretching with, and it will leave you feeling incredible! It's just the right size to get you started at 3 inches long and a range of 4mm to 8mm in width. Enjoy the erotic experiences this plug will bring...

    $ 28.26
  • Corkscrew Penis Plug

    Made of highly polished surgical steel this Corkscrew Penis Plug is 150mm (6inches) long with 125mm (5inches) of an insertable plug. The plug is 8mm(0.3inches) at the widest point, offering an in and out approach from 8mm(0.3inches) to 4.7mm(0.2inches) and back to 8mm(0.3inches). Move it'slow or fast, it will not matter with the Corkscrew, either way,...

    $ 25.17
  • Ribbed Urethral Sound

    Polished Super Smooth Ribbed Urethra Insertion Rod. Ultra smooth to avoid all possible irritation when used properly. This form of play is one of the most erotic and intense for a male according to many. Be sure to use carefully and sterilize before each use. Length:150mm (5.9inch) Dia: 8mm (0.3inch)

    $ 24.30
  • Naughty Penis Plug

    Want a piece with some give in it? The Faux Reverse PA with 2 Rings Penis Plug is a 3 section penis plug with a Silicone Glans Ring that comes in 2 different sizes for a perfect fit! Made of solid Surgical Steel for a lifetime of use, it's 115mm long and 8mm wide. Colour: Silver Length: 115mm (4.5inch) Insert Length: 75m (3inch) Diameter: 8mm...

    $ 27.39
  • Straight to the Point Plug Stretcher

    Straight to the Point Penis Plug Stretcher. This plug has been machined to perfection and priced to sell. There is no wait for a spot in line to the bench to be carved. The tip is just over 3mm and graduates up to almost 8mm. If you want to get straight to it, then get this straight to the point Stretcher Total length: 95mm Maximum Insertable Length: 80 mm

    $ 24.30
  • Golden Shower Head Penis Plug

    This beauty is hollow to allow bodily fluids to pass through to the to the numerous openings on the head of the plug creating the Shower Head effect when you cum or during urine play Let this baby fulfill your needs inside and out as it thrust you into the arms of ecstasy and provides an awe inspiring visual once you give into that sweet release! .

    $ 26.52

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