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  • Pumpn Play Anal Plug

    This pump in plug is an inflatable butt plug with a soft flexible core. Pump it up and turn it on for incredible anal stimulation! Take this Pumpn Play Plug with Pump home and enjoy a new way of stretching! Colours available: Black and Flesh Length: 12cm (4.7inch ) Insertable length: 11cm (4.4inch) Uninflated: 43mm (1.7inch) Inflated: 64mm (2.5inch )

    $ 22.17
  • Beaded Silicone Anal Cone

    This is a great toy for beginner anal enthusiast! Start slow and work your way all the way up to the base of this anal cone and you will be screaming with pleasure! This is a mini ribbed anal plug that is great for intimate experimenting! This anal toy is made of a soft, flexible, jelly like material for maximum comfort!

    $ 5.17
  • Finger Anal Plug

    Colour: Blue, Pink or Purple Stretchable mini finger Butt Plug Will fit any size Size: 75 x 32mm Material: Silicone

    $ 3.43
  • Soft Touch Anal Pleasure plug

    When anal play is in question, one size definitely doesnt fit all. Thats why this butt plug is perfect. Soft silicone with a tapered tip, and a flared base makes it easy to insert in stages with a relaxed, smooth entry. Colour: Pink or Purple

    $ 16.09
  • Special Anal Stimulation Plug

    Experience mind-blowing play with this fabulous anal plug. Starting with a subtle bulb at the head, this plug widens towards the base with 3 wider beads in between, the ring at the base means it will stay put during play and makes it easy to pull when required. The perfect shape and size for comfortable anal play, this is one toy you will be happy to...

    $ 23.91
  • Glass Fox Butt plug

    Fox Tail butt plug from glass Tail length: 27cm Plug: 10.5cm x 3,2cm Colour: Transparent Enjoy the animalistic luxury of sporting a fox tail with our Fox Tail Anal Plug. The Fox Tail Plug includes a brown tail. The plug is rounded and smooth for easy insertion and use. Take your slave out for some exercise and host that Fox Hunt you have always...

    $ 15.22
  • Golden Tail Butt plug

    Colour: Gold/(black) Tail length: 55cm Plug: 10.5cm x 3.5cm Play with the tail and design it is as you like. Brush it up, braiding the tail or just let it hang beautifully Enjoy the animalistic luxury of sporting a golden tail with our Gold Tail Anal Plug. Gold Tail Plug includes a Golden tail Take your slave out for some exercise and

    $ 26.91
  • Horse Tail Butt plug

    Colour: Grey/(black) Tail length: 26cm Plug: 10.5cm x 3.5cm Material: Silicon Strut your stuff! Firm, pliable, seamless multi-functional probe with a sturdy, stretchy whipping tail Horse Tail Plug includes a grey whipping tail. 26cm tail is attached to a 10.5cm long, 3.5cm wide black rubber anal plug Where pain meets pleasure, fashion meets passion and...

    $ 26.91
  • Bunny Fluff Butt plug

    Bunny/rabbit Tail Colour: White/(black) Fluff: 9cm Plug: 10cm x 3.5cm Channel your inner Hugh Hefner and make this Bunny Tail Anal Plug a must for your bunny lover. The white fluff is about 9cm and is attached to a 10.5cm long, 3.5cm wide black rubber anal plug. Soft and enticing, erotic and playful, this bunny tail anal plug will surely inspire...

    $ 23.04

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