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  • Suddenly Single

    Exploding the myths, Suddenly Single continues in the edgy, provocative yet thoroughly pragmatic vein, providing sound advice and a relationship guide for women who find themselves suddenly single, whether it be through the death of a spouse, desertion or a broken relationship. the book will include numerous case studies and be similar in format and...

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  • Cosmopolitan Guide to Love, Sex & Relationships

    Writer: Phillip Hodson Publisher: Headline SoftCover How to pick a partner who can make you happy How can you tell when your relationship isn't working? What's the best way to blow a man's mind? Why do some people always fall in love with the wrong partner? This volume presents a clear and straightforward guide to the psychological aspects of sex and...

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  • An Analysis of Human Sexual Response

    An analysis of Human Sexual Response SoftCover Human Sexuality What is It? A full report written on the Masters-Johnson studies and related sex research< The purpose - to observe, measure and record the sexual responses of hundreds of men and women. Their findings and of others. An analysis of Human Sexual response is an immensely valuable report on...

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  • He's just not that into you - Daily Wake-up Call

    Your Daily Wake-up Call HardCover For ages women have come together over coffee, cocktails, or late-night phone chats to analyze the puzzling behavior of men. Despite good intentions -- you're wasting your time. Men are not complicated, although they'd like you to think they are. And there are no mixed messages. The truth may be, He's just not that into...

    $ 18.22
  • Sex Manners for Men - Robert Chartham

    Title:  Sex Manners for Men Writer:  Robert Chartham Publisher:  New English Library SoftCover A Vintage Erotic Novel - Full of Sex, Surprises and Lot of Twists. How be both Husband and Lover. The Techniques that every husband should know to please his wife. Used condition (name on first page)

    $ 3.91
  • A Woman's Guide to Men & Sex

    Writer: Andrew Stanway Publisher: Century HardCover Explores the more politically incorrect reasons for success and gives a back-seat salute to the old values of hard work and subservience! The book is controversial and some would say, contentious. Read how your private sex life affects your working relationships and how the power of sex and the positive...

    $ 10.00
  • Women's Pleasure

    Title:  Women’s Pleasure or How to have an orgasm… as often as you want Writer:  Rachel Swift Publisher: Pan Books SoftCover This is a personal account by a non-specialist, which attempts to show women how to succeed in reaching orgasm. The book answers questions about tackling the realities of sex, with advice aimed at increasing the number of orgasms...

    $ 8.26
  • Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus

    Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus Writer: John Gray Publisher: Thorsons SoftCover A practical guide for improving communication within relationships, helping both sexes get what they want from love and friendship. The author encourages readers to accept the other gender's particular way of expressing love and helps men and women accept each other's...

    $ 4.30
  • The Kama Sutra - The Hindu art of Love

    Title: The Kama Sutra The Hindu art of Love Writer: Vatsyayana This is a new edition of the original Indian volume, in which the sutras are translated faithfully and put into their historical, religious and cultural context a celebration of the many aspects of courtship and love The book is beautifully illustrated with photographs of the famous 11th-...

    $ 14.35
  • Mars and Venus in the Bedroom

    Title: Mars and Venus in the Bedroom Writer:  John Gray Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton SoftCover The author looks at styles of communication in love and sex, and explains how to understand what men and women really want from one another. He acknowledges that there are differences between what men and women expect, and shows how they can make life much...

    $ 4.78
  • Sex Trivia

    Title: Sex Trivia The Bedside Guide Edited by: Nicholas Reed Publisher: MaxiMedia Worlds wackiest look at love and lust! Does sex turn you on? Then heres a bedside, companion thats titilating, weird, erotic, bizarre, sizzling, shocking, hilarious, staggering and packed with thousands of True facts (all youve ever wanted to know) about our favourite...

    $ 7.78
  • Why do Men fall asleep after Sex?

    Here are hundreds of questions you didn't get answered the first time around - questions you'd only ask a doctor after a few drinks! An easy-to-read blend of humour and medicine, Why do Men fall asleep after Sex? has plenty to amuse and inform both men and women. Find the answers to these questions and more ...Are men really better than women at maths?...

    $ 13.00
  • Yoga for Sex

    Title:  Yoga for Sex Writer:   Vimla Lalvani Publisher:  Hamlyn HardCover A book containing advice on improving sexual performance and relationships through yogic practices and techniques. It includes routines for releasing tension and tantric techniques to heighten and prolong sexual pleasure and it is illustrated with colour photographs. As New...

    $ 17.83
  • Erotic Aromatherapy

    This book explains how essential oils can be used in all aspects of love-making. You find out how to make a scented letter to invite a lover to get together for an evening, day or weekend of supreme passion. Then, when together, create a meal suffused with the most wonderful fragrances. Follow this with a sensual bath and an erotic massage in a room...

    $ 16.09
  • Sex Pleasures from around the World

    Title:  Sex Pleasures from around the World Writer:  Suzie Hayman HardCover Features sex techniques from around the World illustrated in explicit Detail. Not only allows you to glimpse other people’s sex lives, from the exotic east to the wild west, but also shows how you can make exciting changes to your own love life. From oral sex to orgasm, learn...

    $ 18.70
  • Lesbian Utopics

    In "Lesbian Utopics," Annamarie Jagose surveys the construction of the lesbian and finds her in a cultural space that is both everywhere and, of all places, nowhere. The "lesbian," in other words, is symbolically central, yet culturally marginal. "Lesbian Utopics" argues that the ways in which "lesbian" is used assumes the characteristics of a utopic...

    $ 18.70
  • Infidelity

    Infidelity is a handbook on affairs, divided into 3 sections: how to have an affair how to catch them out and how to get over it. Deals with the practicalities of conducting an affair and detecting one and most importantly, dealing with the consequences of an unfaithful spouse or lover, in a way that empowers and assists the recovery process. The legal...

    $ 13.00
  • A-Z of good Sex

    Title:  A to Z of Good Sex Writer:  David Delvin Publisher: Ebury Press SoftCover This A-Z of questions and answers on the most common problems found by men and women on the subjects of love, sex and health is written with common sense and medical expertise. The author is a GP and medical correspondent for the magazine "She". NEW!  

    $ 10.00
  • Joy of No Sex

    38 - year - old Robert Bennett has recently undergone a revelation: he doesn't actually like sex. He has never derived great pleasure from it, and nor has any woman he's slept with. He still has a sex drive, mind, and he is still attracted to his wife, but he believes that the things we get from sex can be got from other activities that are more...

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  • I Married you, not your Family

    I Married you, not your Family And nine other relationship Myths Having a good marriage is not an exact science, there are key strategies you can put to work at any point in your relationship, engaged, newly married, or married for a lifetime, that will keep it from becoming another casualty. Provides the strategies necessary to turn your marriage into...

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  • The feel the Fear Guide to Lasting Love

    Takes the approach and practical strategies and applies them to the subject that is closest to all our hearts: Love. Altough most people desire a wonderful relationship, too many of us don't really understand what love truly means. 'Why is love so hard?' This book shows what real love actually looks like, how to learn the essentials for finding it - and...

    $ 13.48
  • All About Love

    Writer: Mary Jaksch Publisher: Duncan Baird Publishers SoftCover All About Love is a practical course to a greater understanding of ourselves and our partner. Mary Jaksch offers realistic advice and a program of ten relationship strategies that will transform, inspire and enrich your love life. The strategies include dialogue, closeness, pattern...

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  • Sexual Empowerment

    Writer: Geoff H McDonnell Publisher: McDonnell Publishing Explores the more politically incorrect reasons for success and gives a back-seat salute to the old values of hard work and subservience! Its controversial and some would say, contentious. Read how your private sex life affects your working relationships and how the power of sex and the positive...

    $ 13.48
  • Sex and Human Loving

    Writer: William Masters & Virginia Johnson Publisher: Papermanc SoftCover Written by the internationally acclaimed sex researchers William H. Masters, Virginia E. Johnson, and Robert C. Kolodny, is a comprehensive, warm, and highly readable survey that includes the most current findings on the remarkable range of complexities--biological,...

    $ 15.61

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