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  • Claw Mittens

    Material: Artificial Leather or Genuine Leather These all-leather hand restraints have multiple uses. The wrist straps lock them on the hand and the end straps secure the hands to the thighs, the upper arms, and the neck - yours or someone elses, your imagination is your only limit. A simple but very effective way of tying the hands to various parts of...

    $ 39.96
  • English Cock Cage with seperator

    Experience the unique sensations of a cock ring but with all the advantages of a ball divider. The metal cock ring sits at the base of the penis creating a firmer erection and the ball divider separates the testicles for longer-lasting pleasure The leather ring sits comfortably behind the balls holding them away from the body and the divider strap...

    $ 18.70
  • Neoprene Neck-to-Wrist Restraints

    A sturdy neck-to-wrist restraint with the clever addition of several differently spaced D-rings for easy adjusting and bondage fun! And, you can use this restraint at the front or back! The collar and cuffs are fully adjustable and made of faux fur with Velcro straps. Perfect for those starting out in the erotic world of bondage! Length: 50cm Colour: Black

    $ 30.87
  • Hot Steel Urethral Sounding Tube

    The one is sure to bring excitement and pleasure. It has a hook that will wrap around your head to stimulate all those sensitive areas, and will also help secure it in place along with the help of the black silicon Ring This plug can be worn for extended periods of time but would have to be removed to urinate as it is not hollow Total length: 80mm...

    $ 30.00
  • Quadruple Cock and Ball Rings

    The Quad works for most guys, especially if your balls hang low. The Quad will definitely put them in their place! Step it up a quantum notch and split your balls! The Quad has four openings. The largest is 2 stacked rings for encircling your entire cock and ball package. The second largest is 2 stacked rings for the penis shaft.

    $ 27.39
  • Ankle Cuffs

    Enjoy the look of these cuffs shining at their ankles while they are performing submissive duties. It is much more convenient to chain them wherever You want, with the fixed O- ring. A hex key is included for securing or removing the cuffs

    $ 47.39
  • Nipple Physiotherapy

    Stimulation from Gentle to Hard, Pamper or Punish. All with a handy remote control. Your nipples are sensitive and particularly well suited for stimulation, from gentle to hard. You achieve feelings such as: - demanding sucking - delicate chewing - lusty pinching depending on the setting. Your imagination has no limits. Naturally, these clamps can also...

    $ 28.26
  • Prince Albert's Wand

    This is the ultimate accessory for men with a Prince Albert piercing The wearer inserts the hollow tube into his urethra and keeps it in place by screwing the pin that is coming out of the side of the wand through his Prince Albert piercing opening. He can then choose to remove or insert the threaded tip into the head of the wand to control his ejaculate

    $ 29.13
  • Breast Bondage

    Material: Artificial Leather or Genuine Leather Colour: Black Beginner breast bondage for women Secure your lover's Arms to Breast Adjustable in size (Breast Harness is adjustable to 85cm (33inch) maximum)

    $ 21.70
  • Wand Massager Belt

    No hands needed. No control.. just let it happen Put this belt around your waist and leave the wand massager in the front belt. Turn the massager on and you can't control it anymore as of you go. Material: Artificial Leather Only available in small size Waist adjustable from 68 to 94cm max.

    $ 33.48
  • Premium Nylon Rope

    Length: 10 meter Diameter: 7 mm. Colour: Black, Red or Yellow Bind your lover in any way you can think of with 10 meters of soft, luxurious special Nylon Rope. it's perfect for couples starting out in bondage, but is also long and durable enough to make it ideal for the more experienced BDSM lover. To create complicated and beautiful restraints and body...

    $ 16.09
  • Japanese Silk Rope

    SM Special Silk Ropes Length: 10 meters Diameter: 7 mm. Colour: Black, Pink, Purple and Red Bind your lover in any way you can think of with 10 meters of soft, luxurious Japanese Silk Rope. it's perfect for couples starting out in bondage, but is also long and durable enough to make it ideal for creating elaborate restraints and body harnesses, too

    $ 11.26
  • Fluffy Bondage set

    Fluffy Bondage set Artificial Leather Available Colour: Black, Pink, Purple and Red As all items are very fluffy it is easy to handle for long periods of time. Add a little mystery and erotic excitement to your love making with this Bondage Kit. A perfect kit for lovers starting to explore the wonderful pleasures of bondage.

    $ 29.52
  • Donut Ring

    Show off with this thick stainless-steel cock ring! It looks awesome and it feels even better. Material: Stainless Steel The chrome donut cock ring comes in Three sizes Internal Diameter: Small 40 mm / 1.55inch Medium 45 mm / 1.75inch Large 50 mm / 2inch

    $ 31.74
  • Bon Chastity Case

    This silicone chastity device comes with a cage and 3 different silicone back rings. The silicone cage has a natural penis shaped look Enjoy the erotic thrill of power and control by locking up your partner in this high quality chastity device, or submit to your partner by turning over the keys and allowing them complete dominance over your manhood...

    $ 43.43
  • Bitch Leather Paddle

    Enjoy playful light bondage fun using the BITCH Paddle Of course, it's not just about the 'impression' the paddle leaves behind. The feel of the grip in the palm of the Masters' hand sends a thrill through the subs body. The sound it makes when it contacts the willing partner and the sound they make while receiving the Masters attention makes them hot...

    $ 25.17
  • Princess Wand

    The sister of the X2 Prince's wand Boasting an impressive 25 cm in size. It promises a complete loss of control. Its length makes it ideal for experienced users wanting a deep, extreme and intense penetration sensation. Material: Stainless steel, polished.

    $ 35.61
  • Agamemnon Penis Plug

    This plug is hollow & just long enough to reach the bladder opening, it's quite an interesting feeling when you push it that little bit further and out comes a gusher and you didn't even realise you had to go. Finding out all kinds of new things to do with these plugs and sounds. A whole new sexual avenue that you didn't know was there.

    $ 29.13
  • Electric Shock Cock Ring

    Stimulation from Gentle to Hard, Pamper or Punish. All with a handy remote control. Electro-stimulation ensures an extremely hard cock and bulging balls! With these cock rings, you will enjoy very hard erections (thanks to the blood blockage effect) while you are simultaneously pleasured by stimulating current. Switch between modes via the...

    $ 29.13
  • Albert Penis Plug

    This Penis Plug is perfect for cock stuffing Made of highly polished shiny, medical grade, stainless steel the handsome 18mm end ball gives the plug a gorgeous finish, similar to penis jewellery used for a Prince Albert piercing, and it ensures that this penis plug doesn't disappear in the penis The end ball adds a little weight perfect for those kegal...

    $ 28.65
  • Bubble tip Locking Prince Albert Wand

    Take urethral pleasures to the next level So how deep is your passion for urethral play? The Locking Prince Albert Wand puts you to the test with a long urethral insert and a locking mechanism so it can't be easily removed. The Wand is crafted from heavy-duty steel and includes a brass padlock and keys. Both the visual appeal and sensations will be...

    $ 34.35
  • Wind swept Penis Plug

    This piece is made from 316LVM Surgical Steel and is over 130mm long and 8mm in diameter at its largest part so it is an awesome starter penis plug or a play plug. It has humps (eggs) that will give you additional pleasure, so when you think you have reached your max then another speed hump comes along :-) This piece can be used by both genders.. It is...

    $ 23.04
  • Meridian Beaded Cock Rings

    Impress your partner with longer, harder erection using the Meridian Steel Beaded Cock Ring With a sleek and visually impressive design, the Meridian Cock Rings help men achieve and maintain a harder, longer-lasting erection. The rings are decorated using beads and are temperature sensitive. Because they're made of steel they are also non-porous,...

    $ 13.00
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